Improve the way you move.


Data is the key to understanding human motion.


Few people can afford the watchful eye of a trainer, coach, or therapist on a regular basis. But what if technology could automatically watch, understand, and correct your motion? Vibrado starts by collecting data from multiple, highly accurate sensors on your body. 

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We analyze data to generate instant, actionable feedback. 


Our technology integrates the data from the sensors to model a skeleton that mimics your motion in real-time. We compare how your skeleton actually moves to how it should move. We instantly tell you how to improve. 


Instant feedback means instant improvement. 


Instant feedback transforms your body into the ultimate video game. With instant positive feedback, you "memorize" the feel and build the proper muscle memory. With instant corrective feedback, you adjust your motion to avoid risky or suboptimal habits.  


Our algorithms synchronize the data from multiple sensors, so that we can understand your motion.

We interpret your motion to generate simple, actionable feedback. Instantly.


Personalizing your ideal motion is as easy as dragging your finger across a screen.