We power the most innovative smart garments and wearable devices for the healthcare and sports markets.

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Vibrado's integrated hardware and software delivers instant feedback to improve human motion. 

 We close the feedback loop, leveraging unprecedented biomechanical analysis and real-time motion capture without cameras.

Vibrado partners with industry leaders to create solutions.   

Current options for improving mechanics involve working directly with a human coach or clinician; personalized attention is expensive and unscalable. 

Vibrado's virtual coaching and therapy augments and extends the human experience.


Vibrado customizes its platform to create life-changing solutions with strategic go-to-market partners. The company licenses its technology, and also provides R&D services.

  • Modular, easily customizable hardware platform 
  • Patented algorithms for transforming sensor data to accurate skeletal model 

  • First and only technology for real-time, on-body analysis of biomechanics

  • Instant audio and visual reinforcement that closes the feedback loop

  • First data set of real-world motion

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