About Us

Vibrado creates solutions that help people learn physical skills affordably and efficiently.

Today, the only real option for improving your mechanics is to hire a human expert to watch you. The personalized attention of coaches and therapists is expensive and not scalable. Solving this problem requires a technology that truly understands and interprets body motion. Until Vibrado, there has been no practical way to collect and analyze data on how people move in the real world. 

Vibrado's integrated hardware and software biomechanics platform enables a new generation of smart garments and accessories. Our platform provides real-time motion capture, as well as unprecedented biomechanical analysis and instant feedback. Applications range from performance sports training to medical rehabilitation.

Our Story

Like many great tech stories, Vibrado was born from a personal experience and reflection on how that experience could be improved. In 2010, co-founder Cynthia Kuo was in an automobile accident. As part of her recovery from the accident, she vowed to get in shape. She discovered a few fascinating things in the process:

  • She, personally, had bad biomechanics.  Simply put, she didn’t move properly!

  • Her time with a personal trainer was productive, yet limited due to both financial and scheduling constraints.

  • As good as her personal trainer was, there are subtle movements that the human eye simply can’t catch.

Cynthia was inspired to leverage technology to monitor, analyze, and provide real-time feedback on human motion. As a researcher in mobile technologies, she realized that while many great solutions employ cameras, camera-based solutions are cumbersome and impractical for real people moving in the real world.  She enlisted the help of her colleague, Quinn Jacobson, and they set forth to create the world’s best biomechanical sensing platform. Today, Vibrado's technology is deployed on easy-to-wear garments and devices to help people improve the way they move, wherever they move.

Key Milestones

  • 2012 - Founded as a spinout of Carnegie Mellon University

  • 2013 - Demonstrated first prototype of a 26-sensor, full-body suit for real-time motion capture 

  • 2014 - Raised $1.25 million Series Seed led by Khosla Ventures

  • 2015 - Validated effectiveness of technology with SOLIDshot, a smart sleeve that helps basketball players improve shooting mechanics. Improved in-game free throw percentages by 12% for University of Maryland’s NCAA DI men’s basketball team

  • 2016 - Began licensing Vibrado’s platform to third-party partners

  • 2016-17 - Developed and tested smart garments for professional baseball

  • 2017 - Development and validation for medical solutions

The Team


Quinn Jacobson
Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

  • Former chief architect of Sun's UltraSPARC IV processors
  • Leadership roles at Nokia, Intel, Sun

Cynthia Kuo
Ph.D., Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

  • Designed first Safe Browsing warning, now protects 1 billion users daily through Chrome, Safari, Firefox

Mark Maxwell
Strategy & Business Development

  • 25 years in product, business, and corporate development